The progam in brief:

What we can say is that UAMS already performs hundreds of autologous bone marrow transplants annually (that is using a patient's own bone marrow). The program that we were lacking, primarily for leukemia and lymphoma patients, was an allogeneic bone marrow transplant program (that is using someone else as a bone marrow donor). Without such a program we have been annually sending dozens and dozens of Arkansans to St. Louis or Houston to obtain their allogeneic bone marrow transplant. We recruited Dr. Jethava to head up and lead this allogeneic bone marrow transplant program. Since May 2015 this team has performed 11 allogeneic transplants and several more patients will receive a transplant in the coming weeks. As the program ramps up it is anticipated that approximately 30 allogeneic transplants will be performed during calendar year 2016. Within a few years the program should be up to full capacity and performing 75-100 allogeneic transplants annually. The vast majority of these patients will be Arkansans.