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September 2017

Cancer Research Needs Our Support!

It is September and the big day is almost here! We have over 350 walkers registered so far! There is still time to register and donate for this worthwhile cause. We all know someone that has cancer or has lost their battle with cancer. It could be a loved one, family member, co-worker or friend. Scientists and doctors continue with their research to find cures for cancer and need our help.

The Village Walk for Cancer Research is the largest fund raising event for cancer research in the Village. The Walk brings together survivors, family members of those who have lost loved ones, and the community. We couldn't do this without the members of our planning team that spend countless hours working to ensure a smooth and successful Walk. 100% of the monies raised are donated to the Winthrop P Rockefeller Cancer Institute at UAMS for cancer research and stay in AR but the benefits of the research is shared around the world.

Join us as we celebrate 16 years of walking, raising awareness and money for cancer research. The Walk is on Saturday, September 30th at the Balboa Pavilion, starting at 7:30 am. The walker registration fee is $35. You will enjoy music, hot dogs and brats, fruit, bake sale goodies, door prizes, bidding on Silent Auction items and so much more. Visit our website at sponsorship and registration forms along with on-line registration. For more information, contact Melanie Pederson at 501-915-8747 or email

Click on the Map found on the home page to see the trail changes or here,

We will be crossing Ponce de Leon near Balboa Baptist Church to get to the Heradura Trail. Walkers will follow the trail to DeSoto Boulevard and cross over to get to the Hernando Trail. A slight change that will add about .1 mile to the walk. There will be markers and volunteers out on the trails to provide assistance.

Just a reminder that T-Shirt pick up for all walker registrations received by September 8th will be available for pickup at Sacred Heart Church, 295 Balearic Road (at Fresno Road) on Thursday, September 21st or Friday, September 22nd from 1 pm to 3 pm. If you sent in your registration after September 8th, you can pick up your shirt the day of the walk.

Cork and Bottle is donating 5% of their gross sales on Thursday, September 21st so plan on purchasing your adult beverages and supporting the walk!

We truly appreciate and thank all of our sponsors, donors, walkers and volunteers. Come join us and make a difference by helping us help others. It takes a Village to support the Walk and to raise money for cancer research.

See you at the WALK!

Melanie Pederson, Chair

Cancer Walk Team
Chairs Coordinators And Many More Volunteers
Melanie Pederson

Clara Nicolosi

Donna Aylward

Donna Aylward

Melanie Pederson

Christy Etheridge
Myka Sample

Clara Nicolosi

Volunteer Coordinator
Clara Nicolosi

Gloria Lyda
Donna Aylward
Lynne Border
Tammy Easton
Cyndee Nyquist
Linda Labowski
Frank Fahrlander
Rob Tillotson
Susan & Mark Meyers
Bob Hebert
Ron Burns
Claire MacNeill
Ken MacNeill
Bob Hebert
Bill Stewart
Marge Vorisek
Linda Choquette
Janice Jensen
Mary Anne Mueller
Delores Teare
Donna Siffermann
John Lucas
Mary Ann Farner
Margie McGrail
Linda Kimble
Lynn Kurtz
Ann Molk
Jeanne Scott
Martha Goldman
Dee Dixon
Colleen Bland
Bonnie Kierstyn
Barbara Haroldson
Tommy Rutledge
Ginny Misch
JoAnn Kohlmeyer
Sue Ratcliffe
Kathy Mielke
Betty Jones
Barbara Bushee
Mary Rehfeldt
Christian Easton

Ham Radio Operators
Frank Fahrlander
John Piette
Bobby Walker
Gerald Gordy
Al Stout
Gene Balch
Jim Davis
Lyle Sands
Linda & John Stone
Bill Stewart
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Everyone is welcome to attend monthly planning meetings
Held at the Village Church of Christ Conference Room
Beginning Feb 18, 2017. See home page for schedule.

In the meantime, you may participate NOW by,

Registering and encouraging others to register for the 2017 Walk

Sponsor or donate items for door prizes and purchase tickets

Volunteer to help with vacant positions

Make a commitment to work as a volunteer the day of the walk

Left to Right: Frank Fahrlander, Melanie Pederson, Tammy Easton, Susan Meyers, Christy Etheridge, Lynne Border, Cyndee Nyquist,
Gloria Lyda, Donna Aylward Robert Tillotson, Phyllis Lovelace (UAMS).


In 2006, Melanie Pederson and her husband, Greg, built a home on the Granada Golf Course (7th green) and Greg moved in while Melanie continued working at the State of WI, Dept of Corrections until her retirement in 2009. In September, 2010, she registered to walk in the Village Walk for Cancer Research as a cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2008. She appreciated the dedication and efforts of the planning committee so much that she decided to join the planning team. Now she is honored and feels privileged to chair this event.

She describes herself as a 'professional volunteer' and believes in 'service above self' and giving back to the community. She enjoys reading, walking the trails, golfing and volunteering. She continues to travel to WI each year to visit children and five grandchildren. She also believes in and is an advocate for homeopathic care and the use of essential oils. Traditional and homeopathic treatments based on cutting edge research and trial studies may be the answer to finding a cure to ALL cancers! That is why she is a part of the Village Walk for Cancer Research, raising awareness and money so that in our lifetime, we can find a cure for this insidious disease called cancer.

Clara Nicolosi

Donna Aylward

Christy Etheridge is a native Arkansas and in her professional life worked for the Wyoming Cancer Coalition as a program manager facilitating free colonoscopies and free mammograms through the grants provided by the federal government in 2008-2011. She has always participated in Walks that raise money for cancer research and has been passionate about supporting the need to find cures for all types of cancer. Her mother died of metastatic breast cancer and her husband died of stomach cancer. Christy currently works for Good Samaritan Society as the Director of the Services@Home caregiving agency.

Gloria Lyda has been a member of the Village Walk for Cancer Research since 2014. She and her husband, Earl, have lived in The Village since 2002. Gloria has been employed as a PCA by Good Samaritan for the last 10 years. She is a cancer survivor and her her involvement in cancer research is paramount to her. In their spare time, Gloria and Earl travel to their ranch in Southwest Arkansas, and also travel to visit family in Oklahoma. She loves to play Mah Jongg, walk their dog, Woody, and work in their yard.

Lynne Border: I moved to HSV in August 2010 to take care of my parents and was also hired to be the organist at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. When Melanie came to reserved the hall for t-shirt pick-up at Sacred Heart in 2011, she asked if I would take on church coordinator for the Cancer Walk. She must have caught me at a weak moment as I agreed to join the board as church coordinator! My dad contracted Multiple Myeloma and passed away from the disease in 2013. My mother was a breast cancer survivor since 1995 and passed away with complications from MDS, Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2015. With my family history of cancer I feel my need to help raise money for cancer research at UAMS. I enjoy working with everyone on the board and feel we are helping to make a difference!

Tammy Easton: I moved to the Village with my son Christian and our dog Ralphie in 2014. I have worked at the Good Samaritan Society as a Caregiver for the last 3 years . This is where I met Gloria Lyda who is the School Coordinator , she asked me to come along side her as the Assisstant to the School Coordinator for the Walk For Cancer Research in 2016 . In my spare time I am raising my 17 year old son Christian , helping take care of my mom and dad, visiting my beautiful grandbabies, and designing jewelry for my jewelry line Godly Talents.

Frank Fahrlander moved to the village in 2005 and has been active in the walk since that time. He has been an amateur radio operator since he was 12 years old. He and other ham radio operators from the Hot Springs Village Amateur Radio Club have participated each year to help protect and assist walkers along the trail. Frank coordinates the ham radio operator involvement, provides an "ad board" at the walk which displays pictures and facts about the past walks. He also helps with trail signs and the creation of tickets and labels for the silent auction and benefit drawing.

Rob Tillotson

After moving to the Village in early 2013 from Arizona, Bob Hebert and his wife, Stephenie, opened Village Yogurt on Highway 7. As a business owner Bob was a regular sponsor of the Village Walk for Cancer Research. After closing Village Yogurt in late 2015, Bob became a member of the Cedar Mountain Boys & Girls Club Advisory Council and works on fund raising events throughout the year. In February 2017 Bob joined the Village Walk for Cancer Research planning committee and he is presently Chairman of the planning committee for the Cancer Survivor Banquet, which will have its inaugural banquet in May 2018. Bob also serves on the Government Affairs Committee for the POA.

Phyllis Lovelace: When my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, I thought our world had ended. I was working as the Fundraising Coordinator for Muscular Dystrophy Association when I heard the news. He was experiencing headaches and went to a neurosurgeon in Hot Springs and they found a spot on his brain that they wanted to remove surgically. He decided for the first time he wanted to get a second opinion so he went to the UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute. Tests revealed that he had 4th stage lung cancer that had metastasized to the brain. He started receiving radiation and chemotherapy and eventually received the new immunotherapy called Opdivo.
After he started receiving the treatments, I took a job as the Executive Director for the American Lung Association because I wanted to give back to help those with lung cancer through research and better treatments. I was there for two years and then moved on to the UAMS Cancer Institute in 2015 to further my career as the Associate Director of Development raising funds for cancer research through our events.
I am very passionate about cancer research to better understand how cancer can affect the body and to find better treatments. Cancer can be managed and my Dad was living proof that you can live a fairly normal life with this dreaded disease. He still continued to play golf, play his guitar and saxophone, and spend quality time with his friends, his family and his great Grandson for almost five years until he lost his battle in April with pneumonia. I am now more passionate than ever to continue raising funds for cancer research and am looking forward to a day when we can have a "world without cancer."