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Another Successful Village Walk for Cancer Research

The morning of Saturday, September 27th, started off with a beautiful sunrise and turned out to be a perfect day for the 13th Annual Village Walk for Cancer Research. Over 350 walkers attended the opening ceremonies where we honored the memories of Joyce Wilkerson and Connie Mentink and our survivors, Graham Williamson and Gloria Lyda. After the opening ceremonies, the survivors gathered to have their picture taken before leading the walkers across the bridge to start the trek to the Hernando Trail.

Fun was had by all. Everyone in attendance enjoyed music, ate the traditional 'breakfast' burger or hotdog with the trimmings while catching up with old friends or meeting and making new friends. Dr. Peter Emanuel, director of the Cancer Institute, noted that clinical trials are making progress and that a breast cancer vaccine is in its second phase of testing. All of the money raised by the walk is being put to good use. Emanuel shared a story about a stage 4 lung cancer patient who is more than 90 years old and is now in remission due to new approved drugs that were developed through research at UAMS.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, volunteers, walkers, students, and UAMS doctors and staff. Whether you donated money, services, a percentage of your daily sales or items from your business and home, volunteered time and talent, you made a difference in the total amount of money raised. We appreciate you. As you can see, it takes a Village to have a Village Walk for Cancer Research!

Because of your generous support, we met our goal and raised over $43,000 that will be used for cancer research at the Winthrop P Rockefeller Cancer Institute, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS). Since 2001, the Village Walk has raised over $326,000 for the Cancer Institute. We are overwhelmingly grateful for your support and dedication to the Village Walk for Cancer Research. We couldn't do this without you!

Be sure to join us next year. The 14th Annual Village Walk for Cancer Research is Saturday, September 26, 2015. Thank you for helping us make a difference by helping us help others!

Melanie Pederson, Chair

Cancer Walk Team
Chairs Coordinators And Many More Volunteers
Melanie Pederson

Claire MacNeill

Claire MacNeill



Melanie Pederson

Christy Etheridge


Volunteer Coordinator
Jane Kearby

Donna Aylward
Myka Sample
Lynne Border
Dr. Laura Kelly
Dorothy Bard
Valerie Derryberry
Linda Labowski
Frank Fahrlander
Rob Tillotson
Jerry Jamrich
Susan & Mark Meyers
Ken MacNeill
Bill Stewart
Marge Vorisek
Janice Willett
Linda Choquette
Janice Jensen
Bob Mueller
Maryanne Mueller
Jean Roberts
Delores Teare
Donna Siffermann
John Lucas
Tim Flinn
Margie McGrail
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Left to Right: Catherine Tapp, UAMS; Cyndee Nyquist, Christy Etheridge, Dorothy Bard, Dr. Peter Emanuel, Melanie Pederson, Carla Emanuel, Lynne Border, Frank Fahrlander and Claire MacNeill