Village Walk for Cancer Research Team Committee Information


The Village Walk for Cancer Research (WFCR) is in its 14th year and continues to draw more and more sponsors, donors and walkers each year. All of this is made possible by the dedication of the WFCR committee members who make this event happen.

We reviewed our plan, finalized the forms and set a very ambitious goal to raise $45,000 and register 600 walkers this year. All of the money raised will be donated to the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute at UAMS where it will be used for research and stay in the state of Arkansas. We know we can do this with your help and support!

There are openings on the Walk Committee this year. If you are interested in creating financial reports (Treasurer), writing (Publicity), raising money (Fund Raising) and administrative support, please call Melanie Pederson at 501-915-8747 or Claire MacNeill 501-922-3642 for more information.

This year's walk date is Saturday, September 26, 2015 - mark your calendars. The walk will take place at the Cortez Pavilion starting at 7:30 a.m. We will have all of the fun things you have come to expect - music, food, bake sale, door prizes and a Silent Auction. Dr. Peter Emanuel, Director of the Cancer Institute, will provide an update< on how the money we raised last year was used by Dr. Gao and her team. And of course, we will recognize our honorees.

We are excited to tell you that a team of UAMS doctors will be in the Village on Monday, May 11th from 11:00 am to 1 pm at the Village Church of Christ. Everyone will enjoy a box lunch before hearing about the latest updates on lung cancer. Lung cancer is the number one cancer in the State of Arkansas and has passed breast cancer as the number one cancer in women. Check the date and plan on joining us to learn more and get your questions answered.

You will be able to find out more about the Village Walk for Cancer Research at the following events.

We look forward to meeting you at these events! You will learn more about why we walk and how you can volunteer to help us. You will find more information about the events on our website,

Our next Committee Meeting, is Thursday, April 16th from 10 am to noon at Village Church of Christ. You can make a difference by helping us help others!

Melanie Pederson, Chair

Cancer Walk Team
Chairs Coordinators And Many More Volunteers
Melanie Pederson

Claire MacNeill

Claire MacNeill



Melanie Pederson

Christy Etheridge


Volunteer Coordinator
Jane Kearby

Gloria Lyda
Myka Sample
Lynne Border
Dr. Laura Kelly
Dorothy Bard
Valerie Derryberry
Linda Labowski
Frank Fahrlander
Rob Tillotson
Jerry Jamrich
Susan & Mark Meyers
Ken MacNeill
Donna Aylward
Bill Stewart
Marge Vorisek
Janice Willett
Linda Choquette
Janice Jensen
Bob Mueller
Maryanne Mueller
Jean Roberts
Delores Teare
Donna Siffermann
John Lucas
Tim Flinn
Margie McGrail

Next Committee Meeting Agenda (last meeting if no new agenda yet)

Last committee meeting Minutes

Downloadable Cancer Walk Flyer

Everyone is welcome to attend monthly planning meetings
Held at the Village Church of Christ Conference Room
Beginning Feb 20, 2014

In the meantime, you may participate NOW by,

Registering and encouraging others to register for the 2014 Walk

Sponsor or donate items for the benefit drawing and purchase tickets

Volunteer to help with vacant positions

Make a commitment to work as a volunteer the day of the walk

Left to Right: Frank Fahrlander, Ken and Claire MacNeill, Shirley Engquist, Jane Kearby, Lynne Border, Melanie Pederson, Robert Tillotson, Carla Emanuel.