Village Walk for Cancer Research Team Committee Information
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May 2016

All of the rain is making for some beautiful flowers! We are so excited about some of the changes that are happening for this year’s walk. We moved the walk to the Balboa Pavilion, redesigned this year’s walk t-shirts to reflect our 15th year as well as updating the sponsorship and walker registration forms.

The 2016 Village Walk for cancer Research is set to begin at 7:30 am on Saturday, September 24th on the grounds of the Balboa Pavilion, 476 Ponce de Leon Drive. You will find both sponsorship and registration forms for the walk on our website. You can also register online, just click on the online registration link. Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 for the Bone Marrow Transplant Program. Participants will be able to remember and honor those who have lost their lives to this disease, while also celebrating the lives of the cancer survivors.

Everyone knows that cancer affects the lives of beloved family and friends. The disease doesn’t discriminate. Cancer can take on hundreds of forms which makes finding a cure so difficult. We need to look at each cancer to truly understand it and deal with it. Cancer cannot be eradicated by any single advancement. The good news is that the cancer survival rate it increasing. The American Cancer Society predicts that 1.7 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the United States this year. The ACS also predicts that there will be 600,000 deaths from cancer this year. The good news is that there will be over 1.1 million cancer survivors. Sometimes, though, the severity of cancer doesn’t hit home until it happens to a person or someone you love.

We have two events coming up this month. The first one is on Friday, May 6th. The Village Walk for Cancer Research Committee will have a booth at the HSV Chamber Business Expo at the Coronado Center from 9:00 am to 2 pm. Stop by our booth to pick up your walker registration forms, to learn how to become a sponsor or donor or to share story.

Our second event is on Thursday, May 19th at the Diamante Country Club from 11 am to 1 pm. Dr. Jethava, Director of the Bone Marrow Transplant Program and his team will provide an update on the program and treatments as well as take your questions. All are invited to join us for the program and a free lunch. Please RSVP by calling 501-526-2277 by Wednesday, May 11th. Seating is limited.

You will be able to find out more about the Village Walk for Cancer Research at the following events.

We look forward to meeting you at these events! You will learn more about why we walk and how you can volunteer to help us. Check out our website for more information.

Our Committee Meetings are always on the third Thursday of each month from 10 am to noon at Village Church of Christ. You are welcome to come and be a part of this year’s walk. You can make a difference by helping us help others!

Melanie Pederson, Chair

Cancer Walk Team
Chairs Coordinators And Many More Volunteers
Melanie Pederson

Clara Nicosi

Clara Nicolosi


Melanie Pederson

Christy Etheridge
Myka Sample

Clara Nicolosi

Volunteer Coordinator

Gloria Lyda
Donna Aylward
Myka Sample
Lynne Border
Tammy Easton
Cyndee Nyquist
Linda Labowski
Frank Fahrlander
Rob Tillotson
Susan & Mark Meyers
Ron Burns
Claire MacNeill
Ken MacNeill
Bill Stewart
Marge Vorisek
Linda Choquette
Janice Jensen
Mary Anne Mueller
Delores Teare
Donna Siffermann
John Lucas
Mary Ann Farner
Margie McGrail

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Last committee meeting Minutes

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Everyone is welcome to attend monthly planning meetings
Held at the Village Church of Christ Conference Room
Beginning Feb 18, 2016. See home page for schedule.

In the meantime, you may participate NOW by,

Registering and encouraging others to register for the 2015 Walk

Sponsor or donate items for door prizes and purchase tickets

Volunteer to help with vacant positions

Make a commitment to work as a volunteer the day of the walk

Left to Right: Frank Fahrlander, Melanie Pederson, Tammy Easton, Susan Meyers, Christy Etheridge, Lynne Border, Cyndee Nyquist,
Gloria Lyda, Donna Aylward Robert Tillotson, Phyllis Lovelace (UAMS).